Water Gardening Secrets

We are going to explore the secrets of successful water gardening...Water gardens, also known as aquatic gardens, are a type of man-made water feature.

Water Gardening Secrets

Add To Your Water Garden’s Beauty With Some Tips

The water garden is among the new trends of the moment. Possibilities for water gardening include waterfalls, streams, ponds, fountains and containers, which may feature a basic indoor fountain mechanism with a recycling pump. There is an endless variety available and almost all of them can be improved with additions like rockwork combinations, different kinds of lighting both above and below the water level or behind a waterfall, plants, fishes and other aquatic animals.

Make your water garden a place for relaxation and enjoyment for all seasons. You can ensure that outdoor space remains inviting with the help of a couple of tips for water garden in autumn.

  • There should be no fallen leaves in the water of garden pond or outdoor fountain. Other organic matter decomposing in the water leading to algae and bacteria growth can clog the water pump.
  • Clean your garden fountain pump at the time of emptying water for the onset of winter. This will eliminate any detritus inside the pump from drying up and clogging the inner mechanism. Take off the cover to clean thoroughly as there may be accumulation inside.
  • As preparation of the water garden for cold winter months, all hardy perennial aquatic plants should be sunk to the deepest parts of your pond. Water is warmest at this place and it enables the plants to remain dormant throughout winter.
  • A uniform soil temperature should be maintained around perennials and well-established plants. A few extra weeks will be needed for developing the roots of freshly planted shrubs and trees.
  • If you have used tropical plants to supplement the water garden or landscaping, it is advisable to take out them unless the climate is mild. Survival during the winter months is unlikely and their decay can prove to be harmful to the rest of the plants surrounding them.

Ensure proper planning and maintenance and your water garden can provide you with joy and pride.

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