Garden Elements

Garden Elements

The four key elements of nature for our survival are earth, fire, water and
wind and more artistic gardeners use these elements subtly in their gardens for
achieving the right balance of their effects.

Earth elements are all too often mistaken for simple soil when soil
forms only a part of the earth element in a garden. Prominent earth
representation in a garden is achieved by the right combination of rocks, clay,
stones and terracotta.

Ponds and water features are becoming increasingly popular. They need
power supply and their best position is where they are both visible and audible.
Water features come in a variety of different forms including rocks, pots and
walls, so use them the way you want.

Wood features and trees The element of wood always represents the
feeling of warmth. You can add wood to your garden in a number of different ways
like wooden decking around the water feature and fences for privacy.

Garden plants Like trees, even plants act as inspiration for much of
your garden features. Individual garden features like floral sundials and an
intricate arrangement of blooming hedges can be done using plants.

Decorative concrete The appeal of a concrete area can be greatly
enhanced by applying a stain, stencil or stamped pattern on the surface. The
extensive range of colors, patterns and styles is suitable for any type of
garden. They also look great when used on paths, driveways, stairs and patios,
as well as near every concrete surface.

Outdoor elements They can lend an air of individuality and attitude to
a garden. On the basis of the desired effect, you can use birdbaths, pots,
sundials, pagodas, lanterns and stones to further complement your garden.
Everything is permitted in the absence of formal rules, but limiting them is
generally advisable.

Use furniture in which you can sink into the environment created by you.
Ornaments should evoke delight, like garden swings. You could also make
provision in your garden for bonfires on chilly autumn evenings.

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