Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is most easily defined as a philosophy that stresses the use of naturally occurring substances and friendly predators and avoiding man-made chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic Gardening

We all are aware of the fact that good nutritious food is one of the essentials for a healthy living. There is surely something missing in the food that we intake that makes our bodies so susceptible to deadly diseases. This could be one of the reasons why most people prefer to have organic fruits and vegetables these days.

The ill effects caused by chemicals used in fertilizers and pesticides are multiple. Most plant fertilizers that are available off the shelves in the market today are harbinger of deadly diseases and have shown to have long- term side effects.

Organic gardening on the other hand is devoid of any dangers associated with health. This is because organic gardening is only done with natural products. No costly chemicals are used for treating the plants or warding off the insects. The organic method of gardening on the contrary has a more preventive approach. Rather than spraying harmful chemicals on the plants organic gardening involves putting up nets, meshes and fences that can keep damage- causing insects at bay.

Farmers who resort to organic gardening use manure and fertilizers composed out of the kitchen waste. This has a twofold benefit. Firstly it cuts down the cost that one incurs on the expensive fertilizers and secondly natural fertilizers are congenial both for the health as well as the soil. Natural fertilizers are both biodegradable as well as environmental friendly.

Companion planting is another effective form of organic gardening and is done by growing two or more plants that will enhance each other’s growth. For example it is quite beneficial to grow marigold along with vegetables since marigolds repel aphids from the vegetables.

With a little bit of skill and diligence we can make our own pest control sprays at home. Garlic sprays are very effective in combating insects and have no side effects at all. Similarly dishwashing soap mixed with cooking oil makes an excellent pest control spray.

Regular crop rotation, mulching and turning up the soil also ensures that the soil is healthy for the growth of plants. Organic gardeners also adopt measures to avoid soil erosion thus keeping the soil rich in nutrients.

Organic gardening is thus a very positive method of gardening from every angle that we can analyze. It is cost- effective, as it does not involve the use of expensive sprays and chemicals. At the same time organic gardening does not contaminate our surroundings directly or indirectly when compared to pesticides that penetrate the waterways through the soil and pollute the habitat.

It is therefore needless to mention that an organic gardener certainly has your best interests in mind. It is now upon you to choose the kind of life that you want to lead. If you are a serious health freak then you will definitely make a conscious effort to switch over to organic food. After all isn’t it so obvious from the points mentioned above that the aim of organic gardening is to bring about a peaceful and yet unencumbered co-existence of plants, humans and animals.

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