Garden Shed

Usefulness and How to Construct

Garden Shed

A garden shed is a structure that is usually made of wood and located at the
back of a garden. It is used as a storage area and also as a place to relax and
engage in gardening and such hobbies. They are not only the store house of
tools, but also of all the temporary unwanted items of the house that might
prove useful one day.

If you are bored of the useless items stored in your garden shed, it’s time
to make it a bit more interesting and lively. You can modify the garden shed
using shed plans and shed kits. The garden shed are not all created equal. The
design of the garden shed is essential and depends on whether you are building
it from scratch with a good set of shed plans, hammering an existing shed kit,
or bolting a steel building together. To build a garden shed that has a greater
storing capability, you need to design the garden shed with generous roof lines.

While selecting the design, make sure that it has proper headroom. It is
uncomfortable smacking your head against the rafters. Neither is it easy to
stoop and work every time you are inside the garden shed. Another concern is the
storage space, since the main use of a garden shed is to store. Thus, while
selecting a garden shed, opt for the tall salt box, gambrel shed, and barn

If you love adventure and trying out things on your own, then making your own
garden shed will be an exciting activity for you. It is the ideal way to spend
your weekend since this exciting activity takes a couple of days. Before you
start off with this task, gather a few tools around you. Hammers, level,
reciprocating saw, tape measure, safety glasses, gloves and stepladder are
required. For the basic material you need to have pre-fabricated storage shed
kit with loads of nails.

To begin with the task, pour a concrete floor in a flat and dry location the
offers good drainage. Nail the framework of the floor together. Make sure that
the floor is square in shape and nail the floor joists to a skid. The floor
joists should be pressure treated to resist rot when you are placing the shed
directly on the concrete floor. Install plywood flooring on the framework with
the help of nails. Leave a small space between the boards while flooring, to
keep the floor panels from bucking. To maintain the strength of the floor align
the grain of the floorboards with the joists.

Assemble and nail the frames of the walls. Raise a wall and align the edges
with the sub-floor. Make the wall section overlap the plywood floor to protect
the edges of the plywood. Repeat the same process for walling the other three
sides and nail them. After attaching the front wall frame, cut away the plate at
the bottom of the doorframe. Once all the four walls are up, make sure that they
are all square. Assemble the two roof sections and lift it carefully onto the
roof, so as not to break the ridge assembly. Align and nail then together at the
roof peak and use additional studs on the end of the wall.

Nail a siding on the front after checking the stud location. Attach the rear
walls in a similar way. Attach fascia boards on the vertical ends of the
rafters. Nail soffit blocks at the bottom of the rafter and attach peak fascia
flush at the top of it. OSB boards are used for the roof. Cover the roof with
the building paper from the eaves to the ridge at the peak of the roof. Nail it
properly, overlapping the strips as you go. Lay the singles upside down along
the eaves overlapping the roof at the edges. Similarly, cover the roof peak with
shingles lapped across the peak and nailed on both sides. Install a window frame
on the wall by cutting that area of the wall. Similarly, for the door, fasten
the hinge boards and nail it down.

You can easily try to construct a garden shed by yourself by experimenting
various other ways. The very name suggests that they are special types of
buildings that are constructed in the gardens with the purpose of storing
different gardening tools like gardening hoes, trimming scissors, seeds,
fertilizers, and also for carrying out various gardening work.

Garden sheds can be of two types. There are various garden sheds that have
apex-roofs. Other traditional pointed roofs have the doors located at one of the
ends. These pent-roof garden sheds usually have a sloping roof that moves toward
the sides of the roof. The doors of the pent-roof garden sheds are present at
one of the side walls. The garden sheds are also used to dispel the decomposed
parts of the plants through grafting the plants. A beautiful garden shed can
also help to enhance the beauty of the garden along with performing the usual
function it is meant to do.

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