Garden Flag

Garden Flag

Gone are the days when one had to wait for Flag Day or a National event to hoist a flag. Today the concepts of garden flags have made it possible for people to hoist flags whenever they wish. Garden flags not only give the scope for hoisting flags according to one’s wishes but also contribute enormously towards the adornment of ones garden. A garden looks beautiful with all their greenery and blossom and garden flags serve like icing on the cake.

Garden flags can be used on all possible events like mother’s day, father’s day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s day, or even as you usher in the seasons of spring, summer or winter. In fact an event is not always required to use a garden flag. It can be used on any day to reflect one’s mood and spirit. If this sounds incredible the wide variety of flags available goes a long way in proving the point.

Garden flags are not just limited to national flags or flags with patriotic patterns and designs. The wide range of variety in design includes college flags, flags with sceneries, pictures of animals, birds and flowers, cute cartoons, religious depictions or almost anything under the sun. Garden flags are also made in support of a noble cause like anti-aids campaign or a campaign to support breast cancer research. The colors range from somber to vibrant or from a single colored flag to a multi-colored one.

The garden flags are also available with beautiful and ornate embellishments like handcrafted appliqués, beads, spinners, flowers, and balloons and also with 3-D effects. In spite of such a wide range of options there might be people who are not satisfied with this range of designs. There is nothing to worry in this case as well. Using a little bit of creativity and innovation one can easily make garden flags at home. These flags can be made best suited to ones desire.

The fabric used for garden flags is generally nylon or polyester, which is quite durable. Polyester flags allow the wind to pass through the fabric. This makes these flags a better bargain in case of rough breeze and strong sunlight.

Cheaper polyester garden flags are extremely light thereby making them durable for a very short time. Most garden flags are made fade resistant as well as mildew resistant. These flags are available in cotton as well. However, bright colors in cotton tend to fade easily. They can be machine-washed and are so long lasting that they can be used season after season. The designs are generally made on both sides of the garden flags while the letters are imprinted on just one side.

Garden flags come in various sizes. Large sized garden flags as well as smaller and miniature garden flags can be purchased with equal ease. However, when it comes to shapes, the rectangular and square shapes are generally adhered to. Depending on the size, the pattern or design, the texture and the rarity of the garden flags the prices keep differing. Hence, one can make their choices and buy these garden flags to suit their personal budget.

Various flag accessories are also available with garden flags. White fiberglass or metal poles, aluminum brackets for flag poles, wall hangers made of wrought iron, scroll top brackets, holders for the wall, mini hangers for the window, brackets for the mail box, garden stands and flag mandrel and organizers are some garden flag accessories.

Garden flags, as already mentioned, are used to decorate ones garden irrespective of any event or occasion. However, the flags are definitely changed with various specific events. There is yet another use of garden flags. They can be used as wonderful gift items too. Hence, one can beautify his/ her own garden with a garden flag as well as help a friend or a dear one to decorate his/ hers too.

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