Popular Garden Types

If you are considering starting a garden, then first decide on the type of garden you desire.

Popular Garden Types

Popular Types Of Garden

If you’re considering starting a garden, then first decide on the type of garden you desire. You have a variety of options to choose from which complicates the decision. But you narrow down your choices, which gets you started on your gardening experience.

Flower Gardens – Every time you look at a flower garden, it isn’t only the beauty of the garden that is likely to impress you but its overall arrangement as well. Flower gardens have the potential to bring joy and gladness into our lives with flowers enhancing the landscaping as well as the interiors of our home.

Tropical landscaping – It isn’t necessary to have a tropical habitat for setting up a tropical style garden as long as you are able to duplicate the basic growing conditions for tropical plants in your garden. For instance, a tropical bonsai can prove to be ideal for urban gardening on a small scale.

Water gardens – Water gardens can be highly diverse in both concept and design on the basis of climate, location and culture. You can choose from a formal rectangular or circular pools with a water lily or two and a fountain or a pool with fountains alone and no flowers.

Fruit gardens – A fruit garden is among the types of gardens that are more challenging to manage. Growing fruits attract more pests because of the sweetness. So make sure you have the best pesticide (that is not harmful to the consumer of the fruits) apart from the most appropriate soil and fertilizer.

Your choice of the garden type boils down to the kind of produce you have in mind and the amount of labor you are prepared to do. If you have no interest in produce and labor, a flower garden is for you. But if you want the ‘fruit’ of your labor to be sweet, go for a fruit garden. But do what you want to do and that doesn’t make feel exhausted.

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