Decor Accessories You Cannot Live Without

Decor Accessories You Cannot Live Without

Home décor need not be expensive. Carefully choosing accent pieces in every room guarantees a new look if you know what to look for and how to pull it off.

Who doesn’t need a clock? Why not take it literally and invest on a timepiece that goes beyond telling the time. There are lots of inventive ways it had been done that a piece can flawlessly fit in whichever style a room has. Whether it is that modern and sleek look or the rustic atmosphere, a clock is waiting to be discovered.

The throne or the king’s or queen’s seat in the living room is another must-have. This is the singular accent piece that unifies your living room. It also happens to be the most comfortable seat in the house. Don’t count on it being always empty for you though, being called the throne is just a mere title. It is also a good idea to have a foot rest that goes with it. Its appeal should go as far as sending your worries down the drain after you flop down on its snug texture.

A wooden bookshelf would be a wonderful addition to the ante room, the living room or the study room. Books are treasures indeed, and while they should be taken care of, they should not be kept in a chest. It is best to have your collection of substantial readings on display. This would not only impress people but also invite people to enrich their senses. There is no limit concerning the theme you have when it comes to bookshelves. They have edgy and eccentric designs as well as timeless pieces.

Curtains are cheap and simple that it comes as a big surprise that it does a lot in a room. Just as any other piece you might want to add in a room, the pattern and color should be chosen according to the overall theme you have in mind. At the same time, the curtains should compliment the style. If you have a spacious room and a lot of lavish pieces, your curtains should have folds, tassels and layers. If you already have printed wallpapers, curtains should be minimal. If it is meant for a home theatre setup, the curtains should be thick enough to block the sun out.

Framed pictures and paintings are perfect conversation pieces for any room you might want to decorate. Make sure that they are interesting while suggestive of your personal style. These decorative items actually has another use.

Monotonous walls always feel empty and a picture or a painting will break the uniformity and bring life to a dead space. If you are not particularly inclined to art, it can be your own family’s pictures. Have them enlarged in varying sizes and pair them with intricately-designed frames. Whether you decide to arrange them with symmetry or intentional irregularity, it would surely have an impact on a dull space.

A dresser, a vanity desk or a chest of drawers is another item not to be missed. You may not have received one as a heirloom but it does not mean you should live without one. Pair it with a tabletop clock and a lamp and it automatically transforms a corner of a room into a perfect picture. How many times will a husband look at the mirror to talk to the wife who is combing her hair while seated in front of the dresser?

Simple pieces can transform a room and a room can transform a house. And a home transforms the people in it.

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