Tips on Country Decor: Feeling the Simplicity of Country Life

Tips on Country Decor: Feeling the Simplicity of Country Life

The sound of country décor being considered to transform a new home seems like finally coming to terms with the traditions again, where most people left off seeking for modernity. The term country feels like living in old wooden houses, where the surroundings smell of fresh flowers and green leaves and the aroma of baked bread that is fresh and hot from the oven. Talk about the simple but good life.

A home styled with country décor is striking and creative. It is cost-efficient as well because you can come up with an innovative décor out of old stuff at home.

Unlike in modern houses, most of the furniture really requires the latest trend and style. Well, those are merely for the affluent and privileged families who get to afford thousands of dollars for home improvement. If you are an average-earning family, country décor is definitely the best home style for you. It maybe simple, but it does not lose the sense of belongingness within the home.

So how do you start with a country décor?

Paint the walls. Try to select soft color paint for the walls. Neutral colors such as cream or off-white are great choices for easy wall paints. You can also explore with soft pastels. The thing is the color you choose should create a relaxed, comfortable, and serene atmosphere within the home.

Hang old curtains. Lacy and filmy curtains would do the trick; hang some stuff on the windows or walls. You can dig into those old things that your Mom or Granny gave you a long time ago. These types of curtains are also available on flea or thrift markets. There are some shops that can also help you make such curtains if the style is not available anymore. Gingham pattern will also work for a country décor home.

Display wooden furnishings. The key is old, flaking, peeling furniture in those cabinets locked up for years. Bring them out and put them on display to create an old feeling of hominess. These may be your vases, jars, and other display pieces that time have rundown. You can even enhance them all the more by putting fresh or even dried flowers, colored rocks, candles, or colored sand on vases or jars.

Let wooden floors be bare. These floors look wonderful when matched with country décor. But if you do not have wooden floors, you can make use of carpets or area rugs that look like old or hand woven.

Converting your home into a country-decorated style is more than a household activity, but it becomes a way of bonding with the whole family. This is one cool activity where you can be just yourselves, hang out, fix things, decide on household matters, and enjoy the time together sweating it out.

Pursuing a country décor in your home is a lovely way of slowing down time, with all the hurly-burly of living a contemporary life. You get to do it on your own place in your own time, whilst still enjoying the rest of the day as if nothing has ever changed.

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