How to Fix Your Home with Country Decor

Country decor is the perfect decor and style for your home if you are working on a slim budget.

How to Fix Your Home with Country Decor

After a chaotic world in the workplace, a bustling street life, and a wearisome nightlife, we all want to go home and slump on our favorite couch – country style! That is the typical lifestyle of a corporate slave. We cannot blame them; life is hard. But did you know that even home can be a source of stress at times? Ironic, but it is true.

How can home be a source of stress as well? Look around you. Do you love what you see? Are your furnishings and home style the way you want them to be? If not, then there is what you call your home stress.

People should always come home to a home they have always wanted to be in – clean, simple yet beautiful, homey atmosphere, and the perfect style and décor to accentuate the whole place. So what makes a home perfect? It all has to do with décor and style. No need for expensive furniture in front of you because it can still be perfect without being too pricey.

Country décor is the perfect décor and style for your home if you are working on a slim budget. Most of the materials or fixtures needed to enhance your home are things that already exist in your home but were dusted in time; things that are natural in our surroundings; and things that can be made out of those natural resources.

Some of the materials considered for a country décor are the following:

  • Arts & Crafts in Wood. These can be primitive baskets, dried flowers on old wood vases, big old jars, and more. Amish crafts are perfect because they have primitive and rustic country décor.
  • Candles. If you think designing your contemporary home with candles is how you only do it, think again. Actually, candles really belong to country décor.
  • Quilts for bedroom. Just by the mere appearance of it, it already creates a feeling of hominess in countryside.
  • Wall paints. The neutral colors on the paints of your walls are perfect for country décor. Take off-white or cream colors and paint your walls. Pastels are also second best choices.
  • Old curtains. Do you remember your Granny’s old curtains that are lacy? They are what you call country home décor. Find something like that, or ask some shops to create one for you from their own line of fabrics.
  • Any material that is natural but looks country to you will also do good for your country décor.
  • When using these materials or resources, consider also the space and clutter in your house prior to your planned home improvement. Check out the spaces and plan ahead where you think this or that particular furnishing fits. Imagine the colors behind the wall, too. And smell the old country house where you use to play when you were kids. These memories may sometimes lead you to the perfect country style.

Planning and changing your current home to a new home style should always be pleasurable and affordable, if possible. So that whenever you feel like changing it again after sometime, you can always do so without regretting about the money spent for the past home décor.

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