Country Home Decor

The most popular style of decor today is Country home decor as it gives a feel of comfort and ease with an abundance of casual elegance.

Country Home Decor

Country Home decor is a very exciting process that can turn into an

Your home is the place where you spend a major part of your time. There is
hardly anyone who wouldn’t like to decorate the home to the best of his/her
ability, choice and financial capability. Whereas the rich and the famous spend
millions in doing up their homes, others have to be content with whatever they
can put aside for this purpose. The most popular style of decor today is Country
home decor as it gives a feel of comfort and ease with an abundance of casual

Country home decor is a healthy mixture of formal decor with a simplistic,
yet elegant touch. It does not present any jumbled mess although it reflects a
casual friendly lifestyle. The idea of Country home decor has caught the
imagination of most people today and its popularity has grown manifold.

When you visit someone’s home you can easily get an idea of the personality
or the creative/artistic abilities of the homeowner simply by observing the
hangings on the wall and the way the home has been arranged. Country home decor
ideas and rules can help us in projecting our homes in a formal yet simplistic
mode. Country home decor sets the pattern for a “balance composition” and is
generally based on the feeling that if something looks good and make sense, it
should be left alone.

The Country home decor style leans heavily on the employment of: textures and
airy white curtains and lace and vases of lush flowers which should be used in
abundance to offset the heaviness created by chipped paint, rusted iron, heavy
cotton and rustic pine.

It is very important to coordinate the colors of each element of Country home
decor by first studying the specific style and the color scheme. If you wish to
display antique china, you should use pie safes or glass door cabinets. For
added effect, you can hang potted plants from the ceiling or place them in the

Basically, Country home decor, as its name suggests, sprinkles a tinge of the
countryside to your decor by accentuating it with warm earthy hues, luxuriously
colored quilts and furniture made from pinewood and other accessories that give
a feeling of the exotic countryside. If you want to reflect the days gone by on
your walls, you can fix wood wall quilts with superb details and warm color

You can further enhance the Country home decor effect by using the following:
rawhide lampshades, wrought iron metal bear shaped coat hooks or deer shaped
towel bars or leaf shaped curtain swag holders, containers for plants made of
handcrafted bark, wall tapestries and furnishings in plaid or tweed or stripes.

Country home decor should be projected in “rustic-light” with rustic pieces
reflected in throws, pillows and rugs that give forth the old-world charm.
Vibrant colors from sunny yellow to crisp blues and creamy white are the hues
that you should use to accentuate Country home decor.

In order to have a complete Country home decor you can consider the following
suggestions: bare wood floors, vintage area rugs, rough textured walls and high
beamed ceilings with stone flooring or woolen or cotton rugs, stone fireplace,
hanging copper pots and iron accessories in the kitchen and a box of herbs at
the windowsill.

Before going in for a Country home decor or any other improvement, it is
better to make a budget of the proposed expenses for all that you wish to do. A
home improvement calculator can be used to work out the expenses.

For getting the warmest homey environment that spells a casual friendly
lifestyle, the best way is to go in for Country home decor.

The above tips regarding Country home decor can be adapted to suit your
specific individual needs if you are planning to redecorate or remodel your
home. A well planned home will give comfortable, creative living and a whole lot
of enjoyment.

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