Small Bathroom Decor Tips

Here are some fantastic tips to make your small bathroom look and feel larger.

Small Bathroom Decor Tips

Do you live in an apartment or condo unit that has a tiny bathroom? Do you have a hard time decorating your bathroom because of its small space? Maybe you already have an idea but you think it won’t work in such a small bathroom. Here are some bathroom décor tips that will surely turn your small bathroom into a cozy and warm retreat and make it appear larger.

  • Choose relaxing color scheme. Soft, pale, and muted colors make any room appear larger. Try not to use bold and bright colors such as red or navy blue. Choose paler hues such as light blue or green because pale colors can make a room look bigger. It doesn’t always have to be pink when you hear the adjectives soft and pale. Big backgrounds like the tiles and walls should be in pastel colors and accessories such as shower curtain, a wall design, or towels should be in bright colors for added accent.
  • Add light fixtures that will make your bathroom brighter and appear more spacious. Aside for the lighting on your ceiling, you can mount sconces on your bathroom wall to add a romantic glow in your bathroom. If you have the cash, you can also place large windows to let in natural light.
  • Use mirrors to make your bathroom seem larger. Mirrors can reflect the lights and pattern of the bathroom’s tiles that make it look like an extension of the room. You can choose one large mirror in front of your sink or several small mirrors carefully arranged in an artistic manner.
  • Don’t use small accessories in a small bathroom. It will make your room look cluttered. On the floor, choose one big rug and on the wall, just place one piece of large art. Have a storage space for all the knick-knacks that you might need when taking a bath. Place them inside your vanity or a linen closet. Clutter gives that feeling of having no room and will not make you feel relaxed. Messy rooms always make a room smaller than clean and neat ones.
  • Hang a painting that depicts an outdoor view such as mountains or a garden. The painting will create an illusion of a window, which will add more imaginary space to your bathroom. You can also paint a mural if you know how to do it.
  • Don’t use decorative pieces or shelves that stick out. This could make the space appear smaller than it is because it cuts your vision up to that portion that sticks out. Aside from this, it might also be dangerous because you might bump or hit the sticking part while you are making your way inside your bathroom.
  • Use a clear glass for your shower or bathroom door instead of the frosted one. Better yet, don’t use any doors at all so that your eyes can go what was behind that door. You can sue shower curtain instead so that it will be easier to push it to one side when you are not using the bath or shower.
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