How To Be An Expert In Wall Decors

How To Be An Expert In Wall Decors

Anyone can become a designer when it comes to walls! Walls are the central dividers of our homes. They can be as plain or as loud as you want them to be. They are the borders of your favorite rooms and they accent your favorite pieces. Why decorate your walls when they are just walls? Well, nobody really wants to stare at a bare, unadorned wall. You'll go crazy if always do.

When designing a room, designers usually determine the wall color first. This way they can set up their basic color and the rest of the items in that room will depend on the wall color. Others like to have their walls in plain white and accent it with colorful or ornate wall decors. If your wall is white, cream or gray, you can accent your wall with strong pieces that are classified with color, texture and shape.

Sometimes even the price is a big factor. Plain walls are very easy to install wall decors on. Anything can be a wall decor! The usual and most typical wall decors are frames that have paintings, prints, certificates or photographs. Just taking a trip to a local furniture shop or decor shop would expose you to thousands upon thousands of frames and prints.

When choosing a frame for a particular photograph, you have to see what frame matches the image best. Black and white photographs of families are usually frames with simple cut frames. For a more chic choice, ornate frames are available in frame shops and are great when framing old paintings, a simple portrait or even a mirror. These ornate frames usually attract attention making them accents for the rooms.

If you want to keep it simple, there are a lot of frames that come in different colors that would greatly compliment your wall and your furnishings. Frames are not just installed by drilling and hanging things over your walls.

Setting up your favorite photographs and prints must be planned. You can set small, identical frames together; clustering it and making it look like a whole. Some people have their frames over the eye level, usually frames that are large like framed mirrors or large framed prints.

A large framed mirror looks great over a sofa or if you want to be safe, you can try putting a large framed painting or print over your sitting pieces. Wall art is not only limited to frame pieces. As mentioned, anything can be placed on the walls. Some wall d├ęcor can be some of your precious mementos that you would like to display and show off to your guests.

Aside from deer heads and wild boars, it is more comforting to display richly woven linen, quilts or carpets you purchased from an exotic land, or hang your family's pop portrait. Some homeowners have neon lights installed in their small movie room to make their inside look like an outside place. Other wall decors mainly rely on their wall paper factor. There are a lot of wall papers these days that have new and exciting designs.

Having printed wall papers in vibrant colors and energetic patterns always gives out a big statement, making the pieces you will hang on it, simple and small. If you feel creative, try doing a mural with your family or have an artist make some wall art. Dealing with the aspect of wall decor is always an enjoyable task. There are no limits when it comes to wall decors. Remember that the walls are borders and dividers, but that should not stop our creativity in adoring walls beautifully.

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